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As the name suggests, KMVN is responsible to development in the region which includes creating employment opportunities & Sustainable community development. Primary functions of the Nigam are,


1. Development, Maintenance, Marketing of Tourist Rest Houses, KMVN has unmatched accommodation infrastructure and has it’s foot prints almost at everywhere in Kumaon– ranging from popular hill stations like Nainital to trails of Pindari, Darma, Adi Kailash etc…

2. Tourism Promotion, KMVN plays key role in promoting tourism and in the process ensures direct/indirect benefits to communities in the region.

3. Packaged tours, KMVN conducts packaged tours across Kumaon. In order to facilitate travelers to the fullest these packages can be customized to suit individuals requirements.
Amusement/ recreation projects (Ropeway, Eco-garden)


1. Distribution of Cooking Gas
2. Marketing of fruits & herbs
3. Operating Petrol Pumps and Service Station
4. Mining of minor minerals
Industry and Entrepreneurial Development

1. Financial support in form of assisted, joint & subsidiary industrial projects, to promote industries by providing financial support to local entrepreneurs.
2. Direct management of industrial units
3. Construction for government projects

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